To order a ring.

The difficulty when you order a ring is that you have to deal with different sizes.
Below you wil find an explanation of how to get the right size. You will also find a table in which you can find and convert both types of sizes.
A ring size is always indicated in millimeters. There are several indications for te ring size.

The diameter in millimeters
With a caliper or a ruler you can measure the diameter of an existing ring which fits the right finger.
The distance on the inside of the ring is your size.
The average size for a lady is between 16 and 19 mm. For gentlemen the average is between 19 and 23.

Often the size is indicated with the circumference. That is the length of the circle on the inside of the ring.
You can measure the circumference of your finger with a piece of paper, a piece of string or a centimeter.
Most of the time this measurement is not accurate because of the flexibility of the paper or string.

It is of course difficult to figure out the right size yourself and perhaps you don't have the right stuff to measure your size.
You can also have your ring size measured at a jeweler or goldsmith in your area.

When you measure your ring size, it is important that your hands are not too hot, too cold or swollen. This off course has an effect on the thickness of your fingers.
Also make sure that a wide/thicker ring feels a little tighter on the finger, so take it half a millimeter larger. For a very narrow/thin ring, of course, this applies the other way around: half a millimeter smaller.