How to treat our jewelry.

Just be careful with them. We have made these jewels with love and expect no less off you.

The jewelry from BEbold is always handmade and you should treat them with proper care.
Here are some recommendations that wil help you to preserve them in the best condition:

Keep them in a vault and don't wear them!!

Just kidding :-)

Jewelry is meant to be worn so please do so. To have the most joy wearing our jewelry you can follow these instructions. They are not mandatory but If you follow these 'rules' you will keep your jewelry beautiful for a long time.

So please:
- Protect your jewelry from scratches and butes.
- Avoid contact between your jewelry and hard surfaces.
- When putting them on, do it preferably above a table or couch and not above a hard (stone) floor. Then, when it falls, you don't scratch or bumb it.
- Take off your jewelry before you start exercising, doing household chores, work in the garden or other rough work.
- Take off your jewelry before you go to sleep, shower or swim.
- Avoid contact between the jewelry and chemical means such as perfume or cleaning agents but also perspiration, dust, sand an air pollutants. They can dull the appearance of our gemstones and precious metals.
- Do not clean your jewelry with chemicals and do not brush it wit a hard cloth.
- For cleaning: only use lukewarm water without chemical additives.

Patina is a natural process that happens to, in this case, silver jewelry, with long exposure to open air and a discoloration appears due to oxidation. We use a chemical application called: Blitz pickle or Liver of Sulphur to apply a patina to our jewelry.
The silver is immediately patinated or oxidized and have a black / dark grey color. All jewelry are patinated bij hand, therefor slight variations in the color may occur and even should be expected.
The dark color will fade over time because it is affected by wear, moisture and the oils in the skin. If you like you can get it 'restored' by a 'BEbold' licensed jeweler.

Diamonds can break, crack and chip. Diamonds grow and crystallize with cleavage lines. If struck at the right angle and the right amount of impact, diamonds can chip. The edges are the weakest part of the diamond.

Gemstones, like sapphire, garnet, aquamarine, tourmaline and ruby etc. are not as hard as diamonds. They can be damaged just by wearing and bumping into hard surfaces. Always be careful with them.

BEbold jewelry is not suitable for children younger than 36 months because of the small parts that pose a choking hazard. Jewelry are no toys, so keep them away from babies and children.