You will receive a warranty on your BEbold jewelry.
The following rules apply to this:

- The warranty on our jewelry is ten years from the date the jewelry is purchased on our craftmanship.
- To preserve our warranty, only an authorized BEbold jeweler can resize, modify, repair or work on your item.
- If you have diamonds or gems in your BEbold jewelry, please let the jewelry be checked by BEbold jewelry of its retailers every year.

Outside the warranty is:
- Breaking (unless it is a demonstrable production failure).
- Damage (to metal or gemstones) due to normal wear and tear, improper use or incorrect handling.
- Discoloration due to the use of water, perfume, soap, lotion or hair spray.
- Discoloration due to a high acidity of the skin.
- Processing by a party other than 'BEbold jewelry' or its retailers (for example: customizing or sizing a ring).

Pleas contact us to arrange any repairs at:   info@bebold-jewelry.com

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BEbold jewelry is not suitable for children younger than 36 months because of the small parts that pose a choking hazard. Jewelry are no toys, so keep them away from babies and children.